Monday, February 8, 2010

Intuition and Your Own Guru

Quote of the month:
When you trust and act on your intuition,
you increase your self-esteem,
build trust in yourself and
experience a profound sense of security that no relationship or
amount of money will ever give you.
- Cheryl Richardson

Last month, on the post titled, Be Your Own Guru, there was a question that I thought might be useful to address on a post.

The question was:
What if you have two voices and both feel like intuition and they are opposing ideas, what do you do then???

My answer:
Thank you for your good question!

In my experience, if the two "voices" are in conflict, typically only one of them is truly coming from intuition. There are a lot of "voices" in there as I discussed in the Intuition post. There is also additional information on where they come from in the post titled The Voice (you can also find links to both of these in the top box on the right column.)

As a reminder, for me, intuition is never fearful or suggesting something that may cause harm. It also does not have an "excited" charge to it, though it may subsequently feel energizing as opposed to draining. The information itself, is matter of fact.

As always, I suggest practicing with simple things that do not really matter (like buying apples or oranges) in order to better recognize one's intuition in more challenging situations where one's ego and fear may be much louder voices.

Some suggestions for making a decision:
1 - "Sit with" or meditate on each of them. See which one "feels" right to you. Focus especially in a few areas of your body - your heart, your stomach and your throat.

2 - Visualize a path in front of you with a fork in the road, each representing one of the choices. Visualize yourself walking down each and see which one feels like the better option.

3 - Ask your intuition for clarification.

4 - Does one of the options make you feel tired or drained? If so, this is probably not the best option.

5 - Are they truly as in opposition as they seem? A part of spirituality is to release the outcome. You may not know why you are being guided in a particular direction until after the fact.

6 - Is it possible it is a step 1 followed by step 2? (Usually this is not my experience, but may be for you. My personal experience is that step 1 would come first then later step 2 but again a reason I would encourage you to experiment with and become familiar with your own intuition.)

7 - If you do not need to immediately take some sort of action, then my suggestion would be to wait until you have more clarity. If action is needed and you do not have clarity, I would suggest using the intellect to weigh the two options logically, then move forward as slowly as you can and stay attuned to future guidance. You may start down a path and then realize it isn't the correct way to go.

Check back in a few days for additional information on intuition!

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Until next month,
Here's hoping you keep it simple,

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Peni. #7 reminds me of advice my friend Lee and I have passed back and forth. Whenever one of us is stressing over a decision and feeling anxious, we bring each other back with the question "Do you have to decide this right now?" If the answer is "no," it relieves so much pressure and allows your mind to take a break. Usually, once you stop obsessing, your intuition kicks in and gives you clarity.