Monday, April 12, 2010

Me - Me - Me

Quote of the Month:
Get me out of here!
-unhappy little boy in a bounce house

I have a confession to make this month. My ego/voice has been going WILD and CRAZY for the last few weeks. It has been all about me-me-me!

I've been complaining that there is:
too much noise,
not enough time,
that girl put her mat way too close to mine in Yoga, doesn't she know that this is "MY space?"
There is too much laundry,
not enough "me" time,
too many problems to solve.
I even found myself JUDGING ..... can you believe it? After just last month I wrote about what a waste of time it was to judge. Good to know I am human!

So, why am I sharing this with you?

There are two reasons.

1 - First of all, so you know that this is "normal" if it also goes on in your mind once in a while.... or even a little more often than that!

2 - I found out something that was significant (for me) and I wanted to share with you.

After I noticed how crazy my ego/voice was going..... I made a decision to stop fighting against it. I simply went to the observer mode and sat with it.... and sat with it..... and sat with it..... Allowing, watching, observing, and even loving the it. For those of you not familiar with my terminology, there is a post on both the voice and the observer. These are not really separate parts of ourselves, more like aspects of us, but it can be helpful to speak about them in this way.

But back to me-me-me...... : )
The situation was almost the way a parent must allow a toddler's temper tantrum to run its course, once it is in full bloom. The more I,
and loved it,
an incredible thing happened..... the more distance I could get from it.

This is often where problems come in - when we become too close to or too entangled in our ego/voice. We BECOME the ego and act AS the ego rather than the more objective observer.

Three parts:

1 - Observe - as in to watch, view, or regard with attention. This is much the same way a parent might observe the toddler once the tantrum has begun to ensure they do not injure themselves. 

2 - Allow - as in "allowing" it to unfold naturally and not control it. To permit something to happen or to exist. Allow and permit are often interchangeable, but allow implies complete absence of an attempt to hinder. Let me clarify here that this was a completely internal process and I am not saying that it is not OK to act out against someone in this manner.

3 - and Love - create an energy and space of love for the "tantrum" to happen. This is not an attached human love but more a reverent affection of the Universe that asks nothing in return.

Over time, the ego lost energy and momentum. When it was "allowed" to run its course, it simply relaxed.
Yes, there is a lot of noise.
Yes, there is a lot of laundry.
Yes, there is not much "me" time.
Yes, yes, yes!
You are right ego!

Anything else? (As when I tell my kids, "Get it ALL out!")

Then -

It lasted for about 2 minutes.
Then started up again! So repeat as necessary!

The good news is that each successive time became shorter in duration, less intense, and less dramatic!

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Until next month,
Here's hoping you keep it simple!