Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something New....


This month, I am starting something new.  As many of you know, my husband passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly in January of 2012.  My world, and that of our two boys, was abruptly turned upside down without warning and we are still on a journey of healing.  This month, in honor of his birthday, I am starting a new blog.  

A friend of mine who has traveled to Liberia, Africa, shared with me that when a woman is widowed in Liberia, an older widow is sent to stay with the younger widow... to help the younger widow through the difficult adjustment. In the last nine months I've met a number of other widows.  I wanted to provide a space for widows to share with each other, the things that have helped them on their own journey as well as a place to ask questions that remain unresolved in their lives.

My intention is to keep Simply Spirituality as it is, but I have created a new site called Widows Helping Widows.  The web address is a little bit different than that of Simply Spirituality.  It does not include "blogspot" in the address.  I have the domain name and the address is as follows:

My hope is that you will never need the new site.  If you, or someone you know, could benefit from the site, there will be a link to it on Simply Spirituality to find it quickly and Simply!  On the RIGHT side of this page, you can either click the photo of the dove or the link below it. If the new site can make the journey easier, better, simpler.....  for someone else, then it will have served its purpose.

I am not a lawyer, a financial planner, a doctor or a psychologist, so I would advise you to consult with the authorities where necessary.  I am simply a mother, was a wife, and now a widow who has been through (and is going through) this.  My intention is to attempt to take what has been a negative in my life and try to make something positive come from it.  My goal is to address different aspects of widow-widower hood.  Not simply the grief aspect, but also the every day logistics of dealing with a death and adapting to life as a single person.  This is the "virtual"  version of the women in Liberia who are there to comfort and assist each other as I mention above.  By sharing our experiences and our strategies - in a positive manner - we can create a similar "virtual" community where we help and support each other.

The new site is for both men and women.  It is also for those who are supportive of someone going through a death.  There may be things that apply to loss in general as well.
I live in the United States, so much of what I say will be of my experience - for example - going to Social Security Administration.  Living in this virtual global "village" as we do today, I welcome comments and suggestions from around the world.

Click here .... Widows helping Widows to visit the new site!

Please leave comments, suggestions or questions in the "comments" section of any post.
One day at a time,