Sunday, May 4, 2014

50th Birthday/First World Problems

Running in the Water, Orlando, FL, 2001
My younger son has started using the phrase, "Sounds like a first world problem!" I love it! So when I am complaining about my coffee being too cold (or too hot) or the battery on my cell phone going dead, I hear, "Sounds like a first world problem, Mom!" Of course turnabout is fair play, so when he complains about his new video game being too hard or that the Internet went out, I get to say, "Sounds like a first world problem, Son!" : )

In January of this year, there was a chemical spill in West Virginia that contaminated the water source for Elk River, WV for days. Anyone who has been under a boil water order, knows how difficult it is to get along without clean water. We go to the tap and expect it to work, to work correctly and to be clean and sanitary! When something as simple as brushing your teeth becomes a chore, we are less likely to do it regularly and forget about washing dishes... and we might as well just go out to eat!

In short, 
we take clean water 
for granted!!!!!

Same thing when the power goes out. Have you ever walked into a dark bathroom in a power outage, knowing the power was out, but still habitually flipping the light switch only to remain in the dark... "Oh that's right, the power is out!" Reminding myself that this, too, is a first world problem, helps to keep things in perspective.

There are people around the world that do not have this same easy access to clean water or electricity. I recently learned that millions of kids around the world don't live to see their fifth birthday because they don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. We can help change that.

I am turning 50 later this year. I'm not usually overly excited about getting older, but this year I'm really thankful to have spent another "365 days circling the sun," as a good friend says! To mark the 50th anniversary of this occasion I am sponsoring a campaign run by Charity Water ( to help provide clean water to a community. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but Julian Lennon did it last year for his 50th birthday, so I have to give him credit for the idea.

I'm asking that instead of sending me a birthday card or gift, that you contribute that money to this fund. Even if you were to just buy a birthday card and mail it, I would request that this year, you donate the $3-5 to fund this project instead. You have the option to put your name or not. If you do put your name, I will consider that my birthday card/gift! : ) A celebration of my 50th!  As an extra added bonus... This is also the 100th post on Simply Spirituality!!!! : )

I looked into the charity and there are a number of things I really like about it.
1 --> 100% of the money raised will go directly to the PROJECT that WE fund. This is almost unheard of in the charity world! To find out more click here...
2 -->The charity will follow the project through and provide updates with how the money is spent and how many people it helps. That means we'll know the locations and names of the communities we helped.  If you are interested, you can see more about completed projects here....
3 --> They also provide their charity status and financials here....

Our campaign runs until 
June 18
Our goal is to raise 

If you would like to contribute, here is the link.....

Help me reach my goal. Please donate to my birthday campaign!
Thank you!

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