Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Question of the Month

Question of the month:

Did you attempt the 17 second challenge last month (or any of the other exercises)? If so, how did it go?
What challenges did you encounter?

  • I got to 17 seconds and beyond.
  • I got between 10 and 16 sceonds.
  • I got between 1 and 9 seconds.
  • I didn’t try yet, but I will!!!

Please answer in the comments section below.


Therese Alonso said...

Peni: Love your blog, what a great idea. so yea ive been really stressed from studying and those meditation activities are real helpful....keep it up xoxo Teri
I hope the kids and Dani are good. Are you ready for snow all over again??? Its snow and no comma right? lol see ya

Therese Alonso said...
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Penelope said...

Teri - Thanks so much! The comment came through twice...if it says one deleted...still learning how to "blog"! Yes, almost time for snow again! (no comma!) I am glad to hear that the suggestions are helpful!

I appreciate the comment!

Debbie said...

Using your 17 second challenge has made me more aware of my thoughts throughout the day---as in, "everyone has 17 seconds"-.
I was able to get to the 17sec+ (have also been doing noon time class on mediation), but even more so than that by you suggesting that simple technique allows me to incorporate it more often throughout the day.
You are able to come up with simple and catchy phrases to EASILY remember which enables the implementation.
The ones I particularly like:
-Thinking of ones thoughts as a tape-cd-iPod
- Pushing the pause button on it
- Becoming aware of the complaining version/track of your iPod
-Do not try to push the thoughts out of your head as this will only intensive and make them stay. The opposite of what one intends.
Your insights and timing really dissect and distill a sometimes nebulous concept into helpful techniques to use.
Keep it up!